Fairfield Business Information Resources

Association of Bay Area Governments: www.abag.ca.gov/ 

Barnes & Noble Bookstore: Across Solano Mall at 1600 Gateway Boulevard. About one mile north of California Business Center. 707-435-0484. 

Directories: Fairfield Suisun Directory http://fairfield-suisun.net/,
Solano Business Directory http://www.SolanoBusinessDirectory.com 

Federal government’s large article database. Reasonably priced access www.Stat-USA.gov 

Libraries: California Business Center Library: Several small business libraries for business clients.
Solano County Libraries http://solanolibrary.com/
Solano Community College Library (open to public) http://www.solano.edu/library/  

Profiles of Solano and other CA counties. From CA Dept of Finance www.dof.ca.gov/html/fs_data/profiles/pf_home.htm

Solano College Small Business Development Ctr. Part of Solano Community College. For business basics visit www.solanosbdc.org  

Solano Economic Development: http:// http://www.solanoedc.org 

US Dept of Commerce: http://www.doc.gov/ 

California Business Center 707.427.6520