Cost Comparison: 50% to 80% Savings

Sample comparison between a 245 sq ft conventional Fairfield office space, with a professional suite at California Business Center for two desks plus over 2,000 sq ft of common space (excluding halls and restrooms).

Start Up Capital Savings: $3,295.

Monthly Recurring Savings: $3,877

Due to the economies of scale, it is more flexible and cost effective to join other small businesses at California Business Center, than doing it alone.

Do the math! Analyze your company's big picture. We′re in business to save your overall costs.

Start Up Costs

Available from CBC
Conventional / CBC Costs
1st Month Rent: Free at California Business Center
$500 / $0
Security Deposit: Typically one mo′s rent - may be more.
$500 / $580
Office Set Up: Furnishing reception area, lounge and kitchen. Our on-site mover helps you move in.
$2,400 / $0
Deposits on Leased Copier / Office Equipment: Equipping your office takes time, money and often a long-term commitment. Assumes leasing a B/W and color copier, and security system.
$175 / $0
Company Listing Placed on building directory & your office.
$150 / $0
Phone, Internet & Fax Installation We can let in the technicians. No hourly jack installation and tax fees.
$150 / $0

Start-Up Total:        $3,875 / $580        

Monthly Costs

Available from CBC
Conventional / CBC Costs
Monthly fee for private office. Over 2,000 sq feet for reception area, lounge, kitchen. The rent for a two desk office at California Business Center normally are $395 to $1,000/mo.
$500 / $580
Maintenance Utilities, janitorial five days/week, etc.
$150 / $0
Internet High speed T1 Internet with alternate Internet service for backup.
$800+ / $0
Phone & Fax We offer unlimited outgoing calls and more phone system functions for less money than the phone carriers.  No high tax surcharges.
$80+ / $48
Salaries & Benefits Full-time receptionist including taxes and benefits. Basic services are included. Only pay for extra services as needed.
$3,000 / $40
(live tel answering)
Kitchen Supplies: Coffee service, tea, sugar, cream.
$15 / $0

Not included: Two back up receptionists. Office managers supervising admin staff. You can lease or bring your furniture. Some furniture can be free. Free security system with key fob rental.

Monthly Total:        $4,545+ / $668       

Additional Available Benefits at CBC: Free or Very Affordable

  • Finding, hiring and training the right receptionist/assistant takes time and resources. Setting up payroll and insurance. $1500
  • Renting extra space on a long-term conventional lease for possible future expansion. Add suites in California Business Center as needed, or upgrade to larger suites. Conventional offices often require tenant improvement costs.
  • Free: Small business libraries, postage meter lease, multi-layer security system installation, more. High speed T1 Internet connection. Savings of over $10,000.

Enjoy 50% to 80% Savings Or More At California Business Center